Reading FAQS

I offer Astrology Readings and Energy Readings. All readings are done with divine intention and are meant to uplift and give you guidance on your path.

- All readings booked through my website are sent via pdf to your email. If you prefer to have your reading over Zoom, just note it and we will set up an appointment. 

- Please allow up to 7 business days for your reading to be delivered. 


My Astrology Readings are done through examining the client's Birth Chart using various Astrology techniques and studies. I use the Whole House System for my Astrology readings. If you prefer a different house system to be used just note it when placing your order. 


My Tarot Readings are done through reading the energy of the client. I do these readings from divine intuition, tarot/oracle cards and crystals. 


If you want an in-person reading, I offer in-person readings in the Los Angeles area with a minimum, and offer group/party rates as well. Please email me at to schedule an in-person reading.