The Love Reading


The Love Reading is done by using an Angel Tarot Spread. It goes into depth on where the relationship has been, where it is now, where the relationship is heading, where you both stand, what your individual guidance is and what the overall guidance for the relationship is. This reading can also be done if you are single and want an overall message for your love life.

More About the Reading: Tarot/Oracle cards are meant to give you guidance along your path. Divination tools are used to see what path you are on or are headed towards but it is up to you to make the conscious choices in your life.

Note: Must note your First Name, the Name of the other person, and Email when placing your order. If you have anything specific you have to ask in regards to the relationship just note it. All names and info will remain confidential.

You have the option of ordering The Love Reading as a digital reading sent via pdf to your email or a Live Reading via Zoom.