Saturn Return Reading


This reading is here to give you guidance on Saturn and it’s new move into Aquarius. Saturn moved into Aquarius on Dec. 17, 2020 and will remain here until 2023. This is an important time in all of our lives as Saturn moving into Aquarius represents a turning point, a fall of structures and a change of betterment towards humanity. This is the mark of the Age of Aquarius. Individually, Saturn will serve us all different lessons depending on where she is in our charts. This reading takes a look at your birth chart and where Saturn is moving through your chart this year and over the next few years, how it’s affecting you, what lessons you will be learning, and lastly the blessing that’s to come for you at the end of this transit.

| If you were born between (1991-1994) or (1962-1964) Saturn moving into Aquarius means you are beginning your Saturn return and this will be a Saturn Return Reading for you.

Note: Must note your First Name, Email, Birth Date, Birth Time, Birth Location and anything else/any question you have for your reading. All info will remain confidential.

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